Ghent in Kuala Lumpur
Fifty-seven photographs were displayed at the Wisma Kebudayaan SGM from June 14-22, 2008 showcasing Ghent, one of the most beatiful historic places in Europe and the third most important city in Belgium. The exhibition showcasing the photographs of Walter François was declared open by Belgium Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Karel de Gucht.

Photographer Walter François, a retired banker, has inexplicably lost his heart to the charm of Malaysia, having visited Malaysia forty-seven times. apart from holding eight exhibitions of Malaysian images in Belgium, he has published two coffee table books and promoted Malaysia on his own initiative with a third one on 'Selangor' in the pipeline. He has taken it as his personal crusade to promote Malaysia in Belgium and vice versa, taking this opportunity to strengthen the bond of friendship between the peoples of the two countries.

In helping us to understand and appreciate Ghent and Belgium, the exhibition displayed images of 12th century churches, ancient castles, museum, markets and the famoes Lieve river. Several pictures of the Shah Alam mosque and the rainforest in FRIM, Kepong were also included.

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Source: Cosmic
Date: 08/2008
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